Monday, November 12, 2007

Garmin GPS Handlebar Mount

After staring at my Garmin i3’s socket-and-suction-cup mount for a couple of minutes, the answer turned out to be almost as easy as raiding the kid’s toy box.

It looked like all that was needed was a proper sized bead, a handlebar mount and a machine screw to join the two (Figs 1, 2, 3). So a look in the Yellow Pages revealed a local business whose sole existence was based on the selling of beads, and this was in a town of only 16, 000 people.

It looked like Beads-R-Us when I walked through the door. The woman who ran the place had heard it all before, so when I asked for a 17 mm diameter bead she didn’t even blink. And did the nice man want it in clay, glass, wood, ceramic or resin? How about colours and maybe place of origin?

She advised against wood because humidity can cause it to swell and make removal a risky job; glass and ceramics preclude any fine-tuning such as shaping and drilling.

I settled on a bike-matching burgundy resin bead of 17 mm in diameter (in one axis it was), all from the exotic location of Indonesia. So for $1.00 plus tax I was on my way. Grrrr, they came 5 to a bag. read more:...

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Brake Bleed

My First Brake Bleed for Maria

Today was the day I'd been prepping for about a month, with some of the parts bought months ago. I had, when I first bought the motorcycle a year ago, let the Beemer dealer whom I don't trust anymore to service my bike; do the annual brake bleeding of the wheel circuits and the bi-annual bleeding of the ABS control circuits in November.

So, Maria, my R1150RT was due again for the required annual bleeding of the wheel circuits for both front and rear brakes. read more:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Watch For Ice

When the potential for slick roads increases I make a number of riding adjustments. The first is occasional stops to assess available traction. I want something other than the tires telling me they are breaking loose.

I also decrease speed. Depending on where I am and what the weather is like it can be pretty dramatic. Other times it means slowing to the speed limit, which this morning meant I had instant company on my back wheel. I’ll pull over or just keep moving along but I usually can’t be coaxed to go faster. The creative driver though can influence me to go much slower though.

Finally, I choose different routes. Usually choices are made in order to have less traffic and always mean longer distances and slower speeds. But they are safer in bad weather. I’m fortunate to have good alternative routes.

Monday, November 05, 2007