Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why the heck would you want to ride a motorcycle?

I've heard that question a lot of times since I started riding in 1949. From my first ride on a ServiceCycle that I bought for $64 to my last ride last summer there was never any doubt in my mind that riding a motorcycle was the fun. Just plain fun. A pilot friend that I used to ride with said it was like low level flying.

From cruising across the great plains with nobody else in sight for hours to maneuvering through traffic in New York City, riding is always exhilarating. And there is that occasional time when it provides a high that cannot be described. It is a feeling of peace and unity with the surroundings I've never found anywhere else. It usually happens to me when I ride over the North Cascade Pass in Washington state. There is a place there that, as you round a curve on the way up the mountain, you see the high snowed capped mountain framed in the handlebars. You want it to last but, all too quickly, it passes. But you know it will happen again.

What kind of a life would we have without motorcycles?

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