Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ducati 750 Sports very welcoming and helpful. The other parent to the 750 Sport is the 750 F1, who shares the same Verlicchi frame, aluminum swing arm, and convertible seat. As readers here will note a couple entries down, F1's are too rich for my blood. The major difference between the F1 and the 750 Sport is that the latter has the rear cylinder reversed so that the inlet ports face each other in order to use the Weber carb. Most folks swapped out the difficult-to-tune Weber out for Dell'Orto's or Mikuni's.

The 750 Sport only lasted a couple of years, from 1989-1990. In 1991, Ducati altered the bodywork, added a gear (to six), and dropped a disk (from double fixed discs to a single floater). By the time they added the second disk, the 750's had too much of a modern look for my tastes.

In all honesty, now is not the best time for me to acquire yet another motorcycle, but I know that I would regret passing this up if I did so there you have it. Another rationalization for this impulsive purchase is that when friends come visit we can ride Ducati's together.

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